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You have heard a lot about short boys and people always have similar questions; what are the short boys, Are they harmful? Many people are scared but let me explain. The short boys are the spirits chosen by the great ancestors and their work is to only deliver money. They are not harmful spirits and cannot be seen by your physical eyes unless otherwise. This spell goes to anyone who needs any BIG sum of money to spend or start-up business .this is spiritual money or call it money for rituals because rituals are performed in order one to be able to use the money. This kind of MONEY HAS TERMS AND CONDITIONS; which you must abide by if you are interested in making much money from my temple -MUST not be used to kill-commit any kind of evil or use it to revenge.

-DO NOT start up a bar business nor open up a club but only you use it wisely to get yourself out of poverty.

– YOU must donate in church and to help the needy.e.orphans, widows and elderly and charity homes.

-You must not involve this money in the selling of fish whether import or export.

Short boys deliver the only a big sum of money on your account or homes (if safe enough.)

If you think the terms and conditions do suit you then contact MAMAROMWE ON +27637045088 ore-mail;doctormamaromwe@gamil.com ., you may even visit our web site onwww.doctormamaromwe.com