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Lagos, LA

₦ 2,500.00

Wrong grip posture in our children results in humpback, hand cocoon and myopia, these pencil grips will aid to prevent that effectively.

Pencil Grips Teach Kids How To Properly Grip a Pencil
These unique pencil grips have finger slots in them that'll show your kids exactly how to hold a pencil.

Not only are these pencil grips an easy way to ensure you kids are gripping their writing utensils correctly, but it also offers a lot of padding while gripping to ensure your kids hands won't get too uncomfortable while writing or drawing for long periods of time.

If your child is gripping pencils with their entire hand like most children start out with, these pencil grips with finger slots will surely do the trick and instantly show them how they're held properly.

There's a slot for both their thumb and their index finger to rest in, so there's really no room for error.

The finger-slotted pencil grips come in 2 pieces in 1 pack, they're super soft and safe to use, are made from high-quality silicone, and come in a variety of colors.

N2500 for 2 pieces.